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Wedding Punch Recipe for 12, 50, or 100 guests

Wedding Punch
Very simple, very forgiving, always a favorite.

1 64-ounce bottle white grape juice
1 64-ounce bottle unsweetened pineapple juice
2 liters (@ 2 quarts) grapefruit soda or ginger ale
Chill all the ingredients thoroughly. Combine the fruit juices in a punch bowl. Pour in the grapefruit soda or ginger ale and stir gently. Add an ice ring, if desired.
Makes about 48 servings. For a 3-hour party or reception, your guests will typically drink 3 to 5 4-ounce servings of punch. Taking the middle road, 4 servings each, this recipe serves 12.
For 50 guests:
Purchase 4 bottles white grape juice, 4 bottles of pineapple juice and 8 liters of ginger ale or grapefruit soda

For 100 guests:
Use 8 bottles white grape juice, 8 bottles of pineapple juice, and 16 liters (about 4 1/4 gallons or 17 quarts) ginger ale or grapefruit soda.

Option: Champagne Wedding Punch
Substitute 2 750-ml bottles of champagne or sparkling wine for the soda pop and use sweetened pineapple juice. Prepare as above and serve immediately.
(Anything bubbly should always be added just before serving so that it does not go flat.)
Makes about 45 servings; serves 10 guests or more.

How to Make
Ice Molds for Punch Bowls
Ice molds for punch bowls are both eye-catching and practical. And easy to make, too, with things you have around the house. Add whole strawberries, cranberries, mint leaves, citrus slices with cherries on top, etc., to an ordinary mold and it becomes decorative and very classy, indeed.

First, find a mold 

You can buy a variety of ice molds in many shapes... hearts, squares, numbers, shells, stars, even dentures. (Can't wait to try that one.) But if you don't have one, improvise. Small bowls and plastic storage containers make excellent molds.
A large muffin tin is perfect for corralling citrus slices; float 3 to 5 of these medium-size molds instead of one large one, and have spares, too. Or turn your small canister lid over and see what interesting possibilities arise. For ice ring molds, bundt pans, Jell-o molds or ring-shaped cake pans are perfect. Just fill and freeze.
Searching your kitchen for ice mold ideas is as fun as making them. Just make sure to use something that will not break when the liquid in them freezes and expands.

Choose a liquid.

If you are freezing water use only distilled water, for the sake of clarity. But using fruit juice, tea or a carbonated soft drink in your ice mold will add flavor as it melts, not dilute the punch. You can even pre-make some of the punch, minus any alcohol, and use that. Alcohol does not freeze well. 

Adding goodies to make decorative ice molds for punch.

A plain (but practical) ice mold can be turned into a work of art by adding fruit, leaves and/or edible flowers. Here's how:
Pour 1/2 to 1 inch of liquid into the bottom of your mold. Arrange your chosen goodies in the liquid, cover with plastic wrap, and freeze. Remember that the mold will be inverted so if you want cherries on top, for instance, place them on the bottom.
Remove the mold from the freezer, add more liquid to cover well, and freeze again. Allow several hours for the process.
When ready, run warm water over the bottom of the mold to unseat your creation. Invert and float the mold in the punch bowl.

See how an ice ring mold is made:


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